Family Activities

The Family Activities Committee should be comprised of a Chairman (appointed by the Lodge Governor) and a minimum of four committee members. In order to assure diversity in your activities, committee members should be selected from various age groups. For example, one member may be between the ages of 21-25, a second member between 36-50, a third member between 51-65 and a final member over the age of 65. Please note that the age breakdowns in this example are not set in stone and should be based on age ranges in your fraternal unit.

The primary duty of the Family Activities Committee is to ask the various age groups within the Moose Family Center what types of activities they would participate in. The committee should have regular meetings and the Chairman should meet with the Board of Officers at least once per month to report on the various activity ideas that have been funneled through the Family Activities Committee.

This may sound surprising, but it is not the responsibility of the Family Activities Committee to plan and execute all activities. The committee’s primary function is to develop and share ideas for activities, based on suggestions from the committee members and the membership at large, with the Board of Officers. The Board should take action when it deems an activity program to be well balanced and economically feasible. The Lodge Governor would then ask an individual to chair the activity and see it through to completion.

Lodges can no longer rely on Wednesday night bingo, Friday night fish fries and Saturday night dances to entice members of various age groups and their families to frequent the Moose Family Center. A comprehensive and extensive program of activities can set our Lodge apart from the rest. A strong Family Activities program is one of the keys to building a successful Moose Family Center as we continue far into the 21st century. These programs are also proof that “We Value Families”.

Family Activities
May 1 - Oct 31 2008