Moose Legion
Board Members:


Jeff Kindermann 630-202-3341 - cell


Peter Posephny  
Secretary: DDon Kubilius 630-334-1188
Treasurer: Don Kubilius 630-334-1188
MECCA Assistant Secretary:      

Moose Legion Application


Moose Legion Application

Moose Legion Code of Rules

Meeting: 1st Sunday @ 9:00AM

Moose Legion Ceremonies

Moose Legion History

The two highest degrees conferred on members of the Moose Fraternity are bestowed as a reward for devotion and service to the programs of the Order. These are the Fellowship Degree and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit.

Once a member has been enrolled into the Loyal Order of Moose, he automatically becomes a member of the first degree and becomes eligible for advancement to the Second Degree, the Moose Legion.

If a member has demonstrated his leadership ability by giving of his time and effort to serve on various Lodge and/or Moose Legion committees and by being a loyal, enthusiastic and active member of his Lodge and Legion, he may be granted the honor of the third degree: The Fellowship Degree of Honor.

The highest and most coveted degree of the Order, the Pilgrim Degree of Merit, is conferred on roughly between 150 and 200 Moose members each year, and only in a ceremony held in late May or early June in the House of God on the Mooseheart campus. Only those who have compiled an outstanding record of meritorious service to the Order over a period of many years receive this distinction.

Members of the Fellowship Degree and Pilgrim Degree are recognized throughout the Moose organization as fraternal leaders because they have earned the respect of their brother Moose by their service to the Order. Any member in good standing can become a member of the Moose Legion.

Moose Legion Mecca 9

Mecca 9 is the regional association of Legions for north-eastern Illinois. However, while Mecca 9 oversees the regional aspects of the Legion, each lodge is responsible for it's own. In the case of Downers Grove Moose Family Center 1535, the Legion has responsibilities and privileges all it's own.

The Legion donates to scholarships, Lodge needs, Mooseheart and Moosehaven. We hold breakfasts and dinners in an effort to raise money.

But while those in the Legion have added responsibilities, they also receive added benefits. We hold Legion-only dinners, parties and picnics throughout the year. There are also the Legion meetings, held the first Sunday of the month, and much more.

The cost is $27.00 ($17.00 dues and a $10.00 application fee) and applications can be found in the Lodge lobby. See any Moose Legion member.

2014 Planned MECCA 9 Moose Legion Events

Jeff Kindermann was recognized as the Downers Grove Moose Legionnaire of the Year at the annual Mecca Moose Legion Awards Banquet held at the St. Charles Moose Lodge on January 26th. Downers Grove Moose legion members attending that night were from left:

Mike Pelling, Peter Poshepny who was enrolled that evening as a Moose Legionnaire, Jeff Kindermann, Scott Robinson, Barney Dahl and Don Kubilius.

25 Year Members of Mecca 9

Richard Murrow, Joseph Mech, Walter Larson, Joseph Heriaud III and President Gary

Moose Legion Conferral & Election of Officers

Sunday, April 11, 2010

John Cuff receiving Downers Grove Moose Legion's

Moose Legion member of the year 2009-2010

Don Kubilius being installed as

MECCA 9 President for 2010-2011

Karl Szeredy being installed ar

MECCA 9 Fraternal Director for 2010-2011

March 28, 2009 Conferral

Jeff Kinderman is conferred

January 9, 2009 Moose Legion Conferral

Jack Ponstein 50 year MECCA 9 Moose Legion Member - Robert Pelling, Downers Grove Moose Legionnaire of the Year

Barney, Jack, Nick, Mike, John, Robert, Dennis, Rudy and Don

June 1, 2008 - Moose Legion Celebration

Jay Stocki, Jr. is enrolled.

May 9 - Planting at Lodge

Bev & Barney Dahl & Bobbie Dice

April 13, 2006 - Dennis Ponstein's Spaghetti Dinner

5:30PM to 8:00PM

Dennis Ponstein's Spaghetti Dinner's Staff

Rudy, Don, Dennis & Barney

Mecca Moose Legion 9 held a Celebration at the Joliet Moose Family Center on March 13, 2006.

New member Trustee Roy Brown enrolled in Joliet pictured with Fellow Barney Dahl and Sponsor Don Kubilius

Mecca 9 held a Celebration at the Downers Grove Moose Family Center 1535 on June 4, 2006.

Enrolled from left are Downers Grove members Acting Administrator David Gardner, Trustee Jack Fretto and Naperville 1290 member Paul Omohundro.