Lodge #1535
2016 Board of Officers


Governor: Victor Mensavage    
Jr. Governor: Jeff Kinderman    

Mike Kobit

Jr. Past Governor: Wally Olewinski   oleo@att.net
Administrator: Rick Bright   brightr@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer: Tom Moran    
1 Year Trustee:

Peter Poshepny

2 Year Trustee:

Joe Jerob

3 Year Trustee:

Ryan Murphy

Sergeant at Arms: Mike Meador    
Inner Guard: Barnard E. Dahl    
Outer Guard: Barnard E. Dahl    
Application Review:


Jeff Kinderman







Membership: Doug Winslow

Peter Posephny

Community Service: Joe W. Jereb    
Moose Family Activities: Rick Bright

Tom Moran

Endowment Fund: Tom Moran    
Fellowship: Dave Henzcel    
Moose Legion: Jeff Kinderman

Dave Henzcel



Government Relations: Wally Olewinski    
Publications/Publicity/Round Up: Rick Bright 312-724-7194 - cell BrightR@sbcglobal.net
Historical: Dave Gardner    
Loss Prevention:

Wally Olewinski   











Ritual Dave Henzcel    
Moose heart/Moosehaven Admissions: Rick Bright 312-724-7194 - cell BrightR@sbcglobal.net
Sports: Mike Kouri 708-503-3375 - cell Mike.Kouri@oce.com
Safe Surfing: Vacant    
Moose Riders    President  Chris Collins    

 Joe Mech








Blood Bank: Vacant    
WEB Masters: Blane Webster - IT - Tech Support - Web Host Services - Electronic Signage Development -  Web Content Design - Domestic Cat Behavior Consultant    
  Mike Meador - Content Director for DGMoose.org & SQ Promotions Monitor 630.921.4225 mike.meador@comcast.net
  Mike Meador - eNewsLetter 630.921.4225 mike.meador@comcast.net
Office Worker: Lori Martin 630-968-4550 - lodge

office hours 6:00 to 11:00am - Mon to Fri & Sun


Enrollments, New Members & Past Governors




LOOM General Laws

Officers Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 6:30PM

LOOM Application


Lodge Meeting:

2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7:30PM  
All WOTM & LOOM officers are invited. Officer's Joint Meeting All WOTM & LOOM officers are invited.

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