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Bags Chairman: John Klasing
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Volley Ball Co-Chair: Steve Wilhelm

Participation in sports activities of all kinds is a huge part of the leisure and recreational past time of a large segment of our population, and can certainly be a primary attraction to both current and prospective members. The wide variety of sports makes it possible to appeal to members of all ages. Perhaps more importantly, sports activities can be a major attraction for whole families to become involved with the Moose Family Center. Statistics from Semi-Annual Family Activities Reports show that more than one-half of all family activities involve participation in some type of sports.

As Chairman of the Sports Committee, you have a great opportunity, and a responsibility, to assure that your fraternal unit provides a variety of activities that appeal to the broad range and diversity of your membership. To accomplish this goal, you will need to find out what kinds of sporting events the members and their families would like to participate in. You will also need to recruit committee members who represent the diversity of interests, ages and family status.

The first duty of the Sports Committee is to plan a comprehensive sports program for the entire year. The more activities and the greater the variety of activities you plan, the more members will become involved. Planning well in advance will improve the organization and implementation of the activities to make them as successful as possible.

When a detailed plan is complete, it should be submitted to the Board of Officers and the members for approval. The Sports program should be self-sustaining, as these activities are not intended to be an expense. A Sports Committee may undertake whatever fund raising activities are authorized by the Board of Officers; however, such funds shall be handled by the Lodge Administrator, who shall issue an official receipt and deposit the funds to the unitís account and earmark those funds for the Sports Committee.

The committee should hold regular meetings and the Chairman should meet with the Board of Officers at least once a month to report on the suggestions, feasibility and timing of various sporting events. The Chairman should also attend all unit meetings to report to the membership any activity of the Sports Committee and results of any events.

The committee should also work closely with other committees to further increase member participation and the publication of event results to members and the media.

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