Moose History  
  April 15, 1923 - Moose Legion MECCA 11 Meeting in Chicago

  Lodge History  

  March1952 Easter Party Article  
  Christmas Party 1950 at the Tivoli Theater.  
  March 1952

General Governor Judge Ralph D. Moore (right) offers congratulations to Downers Grove Moose Governor Fred C. Euler with his hearty approval on the lodge's decision to acquire property at 1030 Warren in Downers Grove.

On Thursday, March 6, 1952 with General Governor Moore in attendance the lodge voted 98 to 37 to purchase the grounds known as the "Allison property"  Presenting the land purchase proposal during the meeting was building committee chairman Jeff Crawley.

  July 1952

  October 1953

  April 1955

Downers Grove Moose was 25 years old on April 13, 1955 having received its charter in 1930. In honor of that anniversary an enormous silver wreath with the number "25" in the middle was hung in front of the Moose Lodge.

Membership in 1931 was approximately 300. During the end of the depression the membership dropped to 75 members. At the time of the lodge's 25th anniversary, there were more then 1800 members.

The governor serving during the 25th anniversary was William Tanner

  July 1956

  December 1959

  January 1963


May 1967

Forty-two more new members enrolled. Front row, 1-r: Ritualists H. Reuter, M. Kovacic, T. Francis, Director General Paul P. Schmitz, Governor Frank C. Brand, Membership Chairman John Cortell, Regional Director Marvin Kaus and ritualists: R. Dankwart, F. Kolar, R. Lesniak.

Class candidate was John Francis, son of our ritual Chairman Tom Francis. John is second from the right in the second row.

  1969 Parade

The float was awarded 1st place - front left is Johnny McLaughlin on right is Carl Shaw


June 1978

We would like you to meet our Downers Grove 1535 RITUAL STAFF

Back row I to r, Ray Ketterer, John Mattson, Chuck Walton.

Front row I to r, Tom Francis, John Cuff, John Cortel!.

  May 1986

  Rich Murrow identified: Rich Murrow, John Fitzgerald, Richard Schellenberg,

Front roll, Al Rueter, Joe Polenc, Ed Fitzgerald, Les Syzczypkowski

  1994 Mens Installation

From left: Don Caracello, unknown, Bob Bishop, Bob Pelling, Mike Pelling, Greg (Johnson???), Chet Balzer, Richard Herzog, Wally Orton

  Feb/Mar 2006