December 15, 2007 Orientation / Enrollment Group - 60 Strong

Governor Roy turning the meeting over to
Dave Kunstman, Governor

Wayne Schauderna, Junior Governor

Dick Bar, Sergeant-at-Arms 

The Ritual Team From St. Charles Lodge:

Jim Heyob, Orator

John D'Amico, Prelate

Ray Horton, Past Governor


Governor Roy Brown addressing the

Enrollment Class

Gene Huggins, Supreme Governor addressing the Enrollment Class
Supreme Governor Gene Huggins introducing his wife Diane to Enrollment Class
Brother Rich signing awards
Brother Rich awarding members for signing up two new members between November 18th and December 31, 2007
Brother Rich awarding Brother Jay Friday Night Dinner Tickets for signing up 15 new member.
Brother Mike Meador, Sergeant-at-Arms closing the bible and placing the endowment cradle on the table.
Years Dues Raffle winner is: Doug Winslow
Two Moose Winner: Big Red Game Night Basket: Mike Kouri
Member's picture from Social Quarters after Enrollment
Mike Pelling Administrator, Gene Huggins Supreme Governor, Roy Brown Governor, Bob Pelling Outer Guard