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Marie Getting Her Quick Buzz

Downers Grove, IL - Downers Grove resident Marie Kasinecz was losing her hair to chemotherapy, but when she shaved it all off March 4 she was not alone.

After she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December, John Bugner, a coworker at Platinum Partners Realty in Downers Grove, said if Kasinecz was going bald, so would he. The idea gained momentum with the help of Kasinecz’s family and turned into a party at the Moose Lodge in Downers Grove. About 40 friends and family members came out and eight people wound up buzzed.

Community support
Members of the Kasinecz family said they have been the recipient of a good deal of support from Downers Grove. Marie Kasinecz has lived in the village since she was 8.

“My kids organized it to make it a little lighter,” Kasinecz said.

Kasinecz was the first to be shaved as friends cheered her on, with some making comparisons to Natalie Portman and other celebrities who have gone bald for roles.

“It’s very, very important if you know anyone with cancer to keep their spirits up,” said Westmont resident Cindy Kasinecz, Marie Kasinecz’s sister.

Her daughter, Emily Kasinecz of Chicago, said her mother was eager to get rid of all her hair because it was “grossing her out.” Marie Kasinecz had to use a special vacuum cleaner to remove it from her bed without cleaning the sheets daily.

“We’re trying to make the best out of an otherwise kind of disappointing and devastating situation,” Emily Kasinecz said. “We’re just trying to generate some good support for the cancer community.”

Emily Kasinecz said she cut her own hair in January when her mother began chemotherapy after receiving a hysterectomy. At the March 4 party, people with longer hair donated their locks to Cuts for Kids, which makes wigs for children with cancer.

“This way, she can’t sit at home and wallow,” Emily Kasinecz said. “It’s an interesting twist on healing and dealing.”

Platinum Realty holds a plant sale for charity every year, of which Marie Kasinecz is the chief organizer. This year, the funds will be going to ovarian cancer research, and Emily Kasinecz said she also hopes to get people to walk for cancer.

“This year’s word of the year is cancer,” Emily Kasinecz said

Pierce Downer -
Looking good, sweetheart!

Mark Mayfield -

Setting the bar at a higher point -- Downers Grove Moose Lodge is showing where their heart is--with the community, for a cause that people can stand together for. Way-to-go! It takes Community Service and involvement to band people together. Thanks for showing us that you can talk the talk and walk the walk. (M.M. -- IMA Community Service Chairman)