The Golfers   

The Team Winners at -10

Chris P, Russ, Roy B & Ross T

Blue #8 Closest to winner:    Ross T.

Red #4 Closest to Pin Winner:    Steve C.

Red #6 Long Drive winner:    Tom S.

Blue #2 Longest Drive Winner:    Chris P.

All 4 won a free round of golf compliments of "The Links at Carillon"

Team Scores

Roy Brown III -10
Ross Tomsic
Chris Pfluger
Mike K -2
Anthony Haynes
Jim (Kentucky) Williams
Jeff Benier
Mike Gralla even
Jerry Gralla
Jim Schoell
Jim Black
Douglas Murphy -4
Stephen Cogger
John Woodring
Bill Reynolds
Bill Clemens +3
Mike Woods
Richard Heller
Stanley Krupa
Howard Hohsen -4
Dwight Kuzanek
Mike Hyman
Bob Bittke -2
Rick Wagner
Bill Bartl
Bob Madej
Jay Stocki -1
Dave Andrews
Dan Mueller - From Joliet Lodge 300
Jack Kollman  - From Joliet Lodge 300
Jim Long -3
Bryan Boyle
Glen Solo
Tom Skul

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A-Barr beverages - RC Cola

Euclid Brothers - Old Style


Robert Bittke - Putter

Mike Kuri - Wedge