September 18, 2008

Enrollment / Orientation

Present: Supreme Governor Jim Gallagher Jr and Past Supreme Governor Gene Huggins

35 Members Enrolled on Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moose Dignitaries present were Supreme Governor Jim Gallagher Jr., Past Supreme Governor Gene Huggins, Regional Manager Ron Kozuszek, Supreme Inner Guard Joe Serwa, Deputy Supreme Governor Scot Baikie, Moose International Chief Financial Officer Joe Mech, Moose International Family Activities Committeeman Mike Pelling, I.M.A. Family Activities Chairman Denny Longnecker, State Secretary Butch Ashlock, I.M.A. Jr. Past President Ron Serio, District #2 President Dave Kunstman, and N.E. Council Of Higher Degrees Vice President Jerry Weiss. Past Deputy Grand Regents Present were Beverly Dahl And Elinor Fransesco.

A Class Of 35 Candidates were enrolled as required by our general laws by the St. Charles Moose #1368 Ritual Staff. A total of 103 men and women were present for this meeting.